About us

Professionals in the sector since 2012

Elite Job Interim was created by a team of professionals in the Human Resources sector since 2012, where it has had the opportunity to grow and consolidate as an organization.

Becoming a team of Human Resources professionals , achieving loyalty and attraction of number one customers in their sector, as well as the main resource, Talent.

We have managed to expand nationwide with the opening of our delegations, we have a presence in five provinces such as Murcia, Orihuela, Valencia, Tarragona, Navarra , as well as maintaining a exponential growth abroad.

Over the years, we have diversified our sectors of activity, and we have expanded, even so, we like to maintain our roots that come from the agricultural sector. Where we have managed to become part of the number one clients at national and international level, being the main fruit and vegetable exporters in Europe.

We are proud to be part of great work teams, together we continue to grow.

We are an employment promoting organization , where we seek the suitability of the profiles for our clients and their needs in their companies. We help candidates to find the job offers that best suit their personal and professional needs , with a humane and close treatment.